Lavell Edwards Stadium Expansion PROVO, UTAH

SME Industries

The expansion of Brigham Young University’s football stadium added 30,000 seats for a total capacity of 65,000. The field itself was lowered to accommodate the additional seating.

Stadium additions and improvements included 33,000 new suspended end zone seats, 2,700 new sideline seats, a new playing field, new concession stands and restrooms, a new press box including 65 private loges, new hosting area and booster club headquarters, new campus concessions commissary, and new stadium ticketing facilities.

The press box and private loges facility is four stories high and 366 feet long. The lowest level begins above the existing west side stadium seating and extends upward to an elevation of 125 feet above the ground. A new elevator tower and a new stair tower, extending from the ground level to the fourth-level press box 140 feet above grade, were also part of the project.

The skills and craftsmanship of SME Steel are prominently displayed throughout this project.


Collections: Projects, SME Steel, Sports Venues

Type: Structural Steel

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