About SME Steel

SME Steel is one of the largest fabricators/erectors of structural steel in the United States with over 400,000 square feet of fabrication facilities located in West Jordan, Utah, and Pocatello, Idaho, producing approximately 20,000 shop hours per week. Our shops utilize the most up-to-date sophisticated equipment available in our industry. Supporting our structural fabrication shops are two miscellaneous steel facilities located in Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada. This unique combination of products and services allows us to provide the capacity to fabricate and ship in excess of 2,000 tons of structural steel per week working normal hours.

SME Steel maintains its own erection crews and on average has over 350 ironworkers on our projects at any given time.

This ensures shipping, sequencing, and fabrication are all in line with the requirements of the erection crews. Safety is a critical focus in all aspects of our operations. We work as an integral team member to facilitate budget management and design assistance in addition to offering value engineering to all of our clients as part of our service package. We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully complete fast track projects on time or ahead of schedule.

Our Mission Statement:

As a Company, we resolve to be the leading force of technology and innovation with a clear vision for the future in this highly competitive industry. Driven to be different from all others, we demand of ourselves a single-minded focus to deliver an exceptional performance that spans from inception to final completion. Ultimately, we succeed by creating a remarkable experience our clients wish to repeat on their next project.

As an individual, I pledge to contribute daily in making SME Industries a special place to work. I commit to bring about a positive environment that values hard work, encourages tenacity in pursuit of extraordinary outcomes, embraces accountability with respect to and for each other, inspires innovative thought, integrity, professional excellence, and above all, honesty and transparency.

Check Out Our Work

SME Steel annually fabricates more steel than every other structural steel fabricator in Utah combined. SME Steel has four plant locations throughout the Western United States and has grown to become one of the largest structural steel fabricators/erectors in the United States and is now entering international markets.


Chase Arena

Home to the Golden State Warriors and host to 200 other events each year. This 11-acre arena features 18,064 seats, 100,000 square feet of mixed-use/retail space, underground parking, 60 theatre boxes, 44 club suites, and 32 courtside lounges.


Moscone Center

This unique structure was designed in two distinct phases in order to keep half the convention center fully functioning through construction. Almost half of the work was completed underground, allowing for connection between existing and new construction.



Comprised a 67-acre community of luxury towers, retail and entertainment space, convention center, gaming facilities and residential buildings. Due to SME Steel’s diligence and expertise, this massive project was completed on time.


LAX Southwest Airlines T1.5

The 239,538 SF connector provides additional space for ticket counters, baggage carousels, bus gate, additional screening checkpoint, and an improved guest experience. Terminal 1.5 also includes a vertical circulation core that provides connectivity between the terminal and the future automated people mover.


Diversity | Equity | Inclusion

Our commitment to a shared journey; be yourself and shine with us.

At SME Industries, diversity and inclusion are the essential components that propel us forward, fuel our innovation, and connect us to our clients and the communities we help to build. Together, we unite to create an inclusive culture to encourage, support, and celebrate the unique and diverse voices of our employees through the combined skill of listening, trust, and respect.

A Division 5 Company