Collaboration | Value Engineering

SME Steel enjoys working with the construction and design team early in the design phase of projects. During this phase, our experts at SME Steel are able to contribute highly valuable value engineering which comes from the many years of experience and training unique to our staff. This value engineering can then be integrated into the project equating to sizable savings in time and project costs.

SME Steel is the single source provider for complete Division 5 steel packages and services. In selecting SME Steel as your structural steel provider, you get a team of professionals where complete coordination happens naturally, in-house, and under one roof.

Design-Assist | Design-Build | BIM

From the very beginning as Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology was becoming commercially viable, SME Steel has incorporated the use of 3-D modeling and detailing on all projects. This welcoming of innovation is consistent with our corporate vision today and is shared by SME Steel’s internal detailing operations, SME-CAD, and our outside partnerships with independent detailing companies.

From the 3-D model, detailed information is produced that allows SME Steel to efficiently manage all phases of fabrication and erection: generation of advance bills of material (ABM), shop drawings, shop fabrication releases, shipping load lists, and erection sequencing—all are readily integrated into our production system software.

SME Steel has been at the forefront of transition to this remarkable technology. Today, almost every project SME Steel participates in is produced in a collaborative partnership with the Owner, General Contractor, Design Team, and Specialty Contractors. 


Being able to capture and clearly define scope is a skill set which places SME Steel at the forefront of its competition. SME Steel’s experienced estimators prepare estimates ranging from stochastic in early stages to deterministic in final stages using proven methods for evaluation.

Project Management

SME Steel prides itself on its ability to successfully manage the processes and activities associated with organizing, planning, and controlling resources, protocols, and procedures in order to achieve optimum results.

For all of us at SME Steel, Project Management is defined to mean the collaboration and integration with all members of the construction team to achieve pre-defined objectives, recognize preconceived constraints, and facilitate solutions discovered during the preconstruction phase to collectively deliver an on-time, on-budget project.

SME Steel has an impressive resume of high profile projects from a broad range of project types, sizes, and complexities. Please visit our project profiles for more details. 


SME Steel has significant experience in large and complex projects which require heavy, medium, and light weldments in addition to trade coordination. Due to the wide variety of experience, SME Steel is able to recognize opportunities to improve efficiencies and offer alternative approaches for consideration.

SME Steel’s Quality Control experts maintain the SME Steel Quality Assurance and Control System which exceeds the AISC Certification process. This approach provides SME Steel customers with consistent, high-quality products.


SME Steel is uniquely positioned to facilitate the erection process. In the words of our President, Dieter Klohn,

“SME Steel is pleased to provide full package services from fabrication to installation”

This means that SME Steel has the ingrained ability to look at projects in reverse order—the way a project is erected before it is fabricated. For our experts, the erection process is so well understood that it has become second nature. Each project is unique with individual requirements, objectives, and schedules. SME Steel excels in planning, sequencing, and delivering this final phase of the steel portion of the project which has a direct, positive impact on previous phases.



American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)

  • Standard for Steel Building Structures
  • Certified Bridge Fabrication – Intermediate (Major)
  • Fracture Critical Endorsement
  • Sophisticated Paint Endorsement
  • Advanced Certified Steel Erector

    American Welding Society (AWS)

    • AWS Certified Welding Fabricator
    • Advances the science, technology, and application of welding
    • Allies joining and cutting processes worldwide
    •  Ensures welding requirements are met or exceeded

      Los Angeles Department of Building Safety (LABDS)

      • LADBS Certified Welding Fabricator
      • Required to build within City of Los Angeles
      • Rigorous qualification process
      • Ensures safe building design and construction
      • Ensures enforcement of building codes

        Clark County

        • Clark County Welding Fabricator
        • Required to build within Clark County
        • Rigorous qualification process
        • Ensures official accreditation
        • Ensures enforcement of building codes