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Chase Center, a state-of-the-art sports and entertainment arena, is home to the Golden State Warriors and host to 200 other events each year. This 11-acre arena features 18,064 seats, two office buildings, 100,000 square feet of mixed-use/retail space, underground parking, 60 theatre boxes, 44 club suites, and 32 courtside lounges. The bridge connecting upper concourses provides fans with a view to the game directly from the walkway. Structural steel highlights include two T1 roof trusses measure 358 feet in length, 42 feet deep, and weigh in at an impressive 490,000 pounds. Additional focal points include 13,000 crane set pieces, 42 stairways, 42 pipe columns measuring 36 inches by 100 feet in length, and the largest scoreboard in the NBA. Due to SME expertise and ingenuity, this project was completed on time with zero lost time injuries.


Collections: Projects, SME Steel, Sports Venues

Type: Structural Steel

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