SME Industries

The erection sequence for this project was reversed in order to position the roof and create an enclosed environment for the contractor before snow arrived. Due to SME Steel’s experience and expert reputation, we were invited to assist the design phase to streamline the steel process which allowed us to maintain the tight temperature tolerance control necessary for the trusses to fit perfectly. The 260ʹ (100-ton) topping out truss was expertly positioned between the 120ʹ (100-ton) king truss and precast walls with a mere six inches of clearance. SME Steel fabricated and erected the King Truss which is the largest truss erected in the State of Idaho. The indoor track was raised twelve feet above the perimeter of the ten full-size basketball courts.


  • 2 Story Media Center with 8 Story Height
  • 15,000 Seat Auditorium
  • 10 Court Basketball and Indoor Track Athletic Center
  • 435,000 Square Feet
  • $24 Million
  • 4,600 Tons
  • Architect: FFKR Architects
  • Contractor: Okland Construction

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