City Creek

SME Steel connected these two city blocks with a 320,000 pound skybridge featured on National Geographic’s program “World’s Toughest Fixes.” This incredibly unique structure is positioned with only one anchor pin. The remaining three feet float yet remain fixated by gravity with steel plates on either side to restrict movement while allowing flexibility.

Disney Cars Land

Disney Cars Land is comprised of a complex mountain range together with a racers building. Due to the complicated detailing, this project was design build utilizing 100% Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities. SME Steel assisted with a detailer on site to collaborate a smooth erection process.

eBay Topaz Data Center


EBay Topaz Data Center in South Jordan, Utah was designed and built with a focus on reducing its environmental impact while being concurrently maintainable as well as fault tolerant. SME Steel began the structural steel erection on the promised date coupled with approximately $1 Million in savings due to the collaborative design.

Thunder Valley Casino

SME Steel was able to maintain the original schedule despite the necessary reconfiguring of the pre-fabricated steel on site due to the design changes as well as fabricating additional steel; thus, saving the owner time and money.



CityCenter comprises a 67-acre community of luxury towers, retail and entertainment space, convention center, gaming facilities and residential buildings. This is one of the largest sustainable developments in the world and earned six U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Gold certifications. Due to SME Steel’s diligence and expertise, this massive project was completed on time.

Zions Bank

Rolled tube steel and channel were incorporated to compose the entrance canopy and 96 CoreBrace™ buckling restrained braces were incorporated due to the high seismic region. Through SME Steel's expertise, this project was completed two months ahead of schedule.

World Market Center III

SME Steel successfully completed this massive undertaking, comprising detailing, fabrication and erection, in less than twelve months, coupled with a savings of several million dollars to the owner.

World Market Center II

World Market Center II was built using a reverse construction mode of erecting the structural steel prior to the concrete sheer walls thereby encasing the steel within the concrete.

Wynn Resort

The Wynn Resort expanded to include an additional showroom and Le Rêve Theater which supports a one million gallon water-stage. Typical to Las Vegas, there was an accelerated schedule which SME Steel performs well under.