City Creek Center SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH

SME Industries

The City Creek Center project encompasses two full city blocks: Block 75 and 76. The erection of Block 75 consists of five levels of structural steel that cover the entire block in addition to high rise buildings. SME Steel also erected the structural steel for Building Four, a seven story structure, along with four podium levels and one roof mechanical support level on Tower Five, a twenty-three story structure. Block 76 includes four major buildings ranging from five to eight stories and interconnects with two levels of commercial space accessed by a series of bridges, elevators and escalators. Additionally, SME Steel erected three levels of mechanical support on Tower One, a 32-story high rise, as well as two levels of mechanical support on Buildings Six and Seven, twin ten story structures. The transfer deck support plate girders range from 175 pounds per foot to an incredible 720 pounds per foot with an average length of sixty feet.

SME Steel connected these two city blocks with a 320,000 pound skybridge featured on National Geographic’s program “World’s Toughest Fixes.” This incredibly unique structure is positioned with only one anchor pin. The remaining three feet float yet remain fixated by gravity with steel plates on either side to restrict movement while allowing flexibility. Stately positioned, the end walls utilized twelve 54ʹ beams with an 18ʹ arc to skillfully enclose the retail galleries. The heaviest pieces of steel for this project are positioned on the roof with a skylight above a retail entrance on Block 75 and on the end walls of each block.


Collections: Commercial, Projects, SME Steel

Type: Structural Steel

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