California Academy of Sciences SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA

SME Industries

California Academy of Sciences utilizes rolled beams supporting the replication of the seven hills of San Francisco which house the living roof structure. Each hill of the steel canopy accommodates one major feature within the building, is entirely framed with structural steel, and touts a majestic height of 98ʹ above the main exhibit hall. The rolled curved beams vary in size from 18 to 24 inches deep and in weight from 60 to 200 pounds per foot, spanning the entire width of the structure. The heaviest beams weigh in at an astonishing 20,000 pounds while the total length of each beam is roughly 100 feet. Due to SME Steel ingenuity and attention to detail, each beam fit perfectly into place. Underneath each of the two largest hills lies a separate steel framed dome which required three dimensional coordinates for each intersection point. A meandering walkway, which elevates as it continues, circumambulates one of these domes twice and is supported by a 20″ steel pipe center spine. Flawless AESS bridges beautifully accent this project which earned LEED Platinum certification. The complex design and detailing highlight the skill and craftsmanship that define SME Steel.


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