James Jones, Area Superintendent | SoCal

SME Steel

James Jones, Area Superintendent | SoCal. James Jones brings an impressive array of experience in the structural steel industry coupled with a significant level of high-rise experience in the Los Angeles area. James is responsible for SME Steel Contractors Southern California Field operations. He schedules equipment to coincide with structural steel erection, ensures proper piece marked steel is installed per plans, analyzes and plans installation and construction of structural steel, assigns work to employees using material and worker requirements data, and assists workers engaged in construction, including activities using hand tools and equipment. He estimates material, equipment, and worker requirements to complete job reviews and analyzes and discusses the project estimate with the Estimator, Superintendent, General Superintendent, and Project Executive. James verifies that all required shop drawings, plans, mix designs, special material approvals, traffic control plans, and other documents necessary for assigned phases of work have been approved prior to start of project work. He maintains the SME quality program onsite as well as supervises and performs quality inspections in accordance with code and project specifications. 

Collections: Leadership, SME Steel

Type: Field Leadership

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