Workers Compensation Fund Office Building SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH

SME Industries

The Workers Compensation Fund Office Building was awarded the 2010 Bronze Best of Awards Outstanding Office Project by Mountain States Construction magazine. SME Steel Contractors fabricated and erected 1,700 tons of structural steel to create this singular six-story building and incorporated the ability to withstand high seismic activity. Sideplate™ technology, patented award-winning steel frame system, is the mode of choice and was used with steel moment frames to stretch and absorb the seismic energy. SME Steel carefully constructed moment frame columns with match marked beam stubs for perfect alignment in the field as well as creating the exterior closure plates and the glass fiber reinforced concrete connections. The front edifice has a cantilevered curved canopy supported by Sideplate™ moment frame columns and stainless steel architectural braces. The structure is crowned with a curved roof over the elevator support room. This complex erection was accomplished in only 32 total crane days. To top it off, the project team was successful in achieving a LEED Gold-certified building.


Collections: Government, Projects, SME Steel

Type: Structural Steel

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