Caesar’s Colosseum LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

SME Industries

To build a 4000-plus seat theater featuring one of the world’s top vocal performers, Celine Dion, is no small task. Steel is the only system with the strength and flexibility to provide the required wide-open space while maintaining unobstructed views for every seat. A 180ʹ×120ʹ “box-truss” system was used for main framing the low roof while the high roof used a combination of W30s and 180ʹ trusses. The shape of the building is a cylinder with 128ʹ radius by 120ʹ high columns, ranging from W14×398s to W14×730s, with hardly a square corner in the building. This historic re-creation was designed, fabricated and erected in an impressive ten month schedule. SME Steel exceeded every schedule and was heroic in finishing this project an astonishing two months ahead of schedule.


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