World Market Center II LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

SME Steel

World Market Center II was built using a reverse construction mode of erecting the structural steel prior to the concrete sheer walls thereby encasing the steel within the concrete. This approach created a speed erection process that was completed in only five months. SME kept the pressure on other crews to keep up with them propelling the entire structure to be finished in thirteen short months from the release of the project to the grand opening. The unique structural frame is composed of squares overlaid with a 30⁰ difference and skewing as they rise.


  • Steel Fabricator and Erector: SME Steel
  • JMA Architects
  • Contractors: Whiting Turner
  • 16 Stories
  • 1.6 Million Square Feet
  • $26.5 Million
  • 16,000 Tons

Collections: Commercial, Projects, SME Steel

Type: Structural Steel

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