Jesse Sloan, SCWI, Field QA/QC

SME Steel

Jesse Sloan, SME Steel Contractors Field QA/QC, brings an impressive wealth of knowledge and experience in Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Inspections specific to the structural steel and welding industry encompassing a span of 20+ years. Jesse has a complete and working knowledge of quality requirements of industry codes and standards with extensive experience in supervisory and management positions. He prepares, writes, reviews, and maintains the Field quality control system; modifying for project specific conditions. Jesse performs internal quality assurance functions to ensure continuous improvements. He performs audits on vendors and subcontractors for compliance to project purchase order requirements. Jesse interfaces with contract and jurisdictional authorities on quality related issues. He provides guidance and training for proper inspection procedures, methods, techniques, and the documentation required to support it. Jesse supervises all activities related to inspection, welding procedures, erection and welding materials, and welding qualifications. He provides traceability of materials with supporting documentation and establishes inspection and quality control procedures for all SME products.

Collections: Leadership, SME Steel

Type: Shop Leadership

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