Provo City Center Temple

The Provo City Center Temple, weighing in at 7 million pounds, was raised onto 40-foot-high steel stilts to allow excavation underneath. Three interior levels were fabricated and erected including four corner spiral steel staircases designed to mimic the original wooden staircases. The roof was designed to replicate the original roof including the center tower, measuring 160 feet from the ground.

San Diego Public Library Dome


The San Diego Public Library Dome is comprised of steel sails with thousands of steel connection points to support the aluminum panel covering, which is perforated with thousands of light points allowing light to illuminate the space below.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Headquarters


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Headquarters is a LEED Platinum design comprised of a 14-story concrete structure with four stories of structural steel topping off the building. The unique highlight of this building is the 12-story structural steel wind turbine tower attached to the north side exterior of the structure helping to create the greenest urban building in the United States.

McCarran International Airport

SME Steel embraced the challenge of McCarran International Airport when no one believed the project could be done and successfully accomplished it in less than four months. The terminal size reaches an astounding 300 feet wide by 2280 feet long and includes one basement floor, two main floors, a low roof and a high roof. 60-80 truckloads of steel were delivered each week as four cranes continuously and collaboratively organized efforts.

Salt Palace Convention Center


SME Steel meticulously fabricated AESS rolled tube steel composing the interior tree columns and branches. The cylinder tower pieces were shop assembled and transported via oversized loads in only eight separate panels forming the circle while limiting the number of field weld connections.