Civil Engineering, Jan 2015

Newport Beach Civic Center

Civil Engineering, January 2015

“Civic Beauty”

“The steel framing members of the repeating-wave roofs were made from readily available wide-flange members and were bent in the plant of the steel fabricator—SME Steel, of West Jordan, Utah—to achieve double curves. The tapered section of the high side of the waved roofs thinned the profile at the ends of the members. To achieve a very slim roof edge, many iterations of intricate steel detailing were explored for the structural buildup above the exposed tapered, wideflange curved beams. A flat steel plate stiffened by angles was used at the extreme ends of the waved roofs as well as on the roof that extends from the library. This method allowed a smaller profile at the cantilevered roof ends, where there was not as much structural demand.”

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