MCAS Maintenance Hangar YUMA, ARIZONA

SME Industries

MCAS Maintenance Hangars development project involved the construction of two new aircraft maintenance hangars at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, major infrastructure upgrades, and a 41,500 SF communications facility to support them. Each 55,000 GSF hangar accommodates five F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets and the necessary components and technology for the jets. Infrastructure upgrades included more than 16 miles of undergrounds, including electrical and communication, sanitary sewers, potable water and natural gas lines, storm and trench drains, and more. Construction on this fast-track project was conducted while operations at the MCAS Yuma were ongoing. The project achieved LEED Gold Certification.


The skills and craftsmanship of SME Steel are prominent throughout this project.


  • Steel Fabricator and Erector: SME Steel
  • 110,000 SF
  • $11.5 Million
  • 2,400 Tons
  • Contractor: dck/TtEC
  • LEED Gold

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