Discovery Children’s Museum LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

SME Industries

Realizing a years-long relocation plan, Discovery Children’s Museum was constructed adjacent to The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Symphony Park. Much more than just the relocation of the current museum, the new museum helps redefine Las Vegas as a city that values culture and the arts, an urban lifestyle and, most importantly, its children. Three-stories tall in stature, Discovery Children’s Museum 58,000-square-foot building is home to nine-themed exhibition halls totaling 26,000 square feet of interactive hands-on core exhibits. The 5,000 square foot Featured Exhibitions Gallery is large enough to accommodate major exhibits from the nation’s leading museums. The new location is a safe, easily accessible, family-oriented, and energetic educational destination that offers visitors extraordinary learning experiences and enhanced school, public, and extended programs.

SME Steel is honored to be part of the design and construction team that helped make this dream a reality.

The skills and craftsmanship of SME Steel are prominent throughout this project.


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