Fast Flying Steel

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Fast Flying Steel Southwest Contractor, November 2009 "Las Vegas Airport Terminal 3 Tops Out Steel Six Weeks Early" "McCarran International Airport’s expansion includes Terminal 3, a 1.9-million-sq-ft building with a frame 300 ft wide and a half mile long. Other current airport construction includes the recently completed runway reconstruction and several new roadways, a [...]

McCarran International Airport

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McCarran International Airport ENR Magazine, August 2009 "Project of the Month: Desert Steel Erection Speed-Up" "The 17,000 steel components were fabricated in five shops. SME Steel used their plants in Utah and Idaho, while their fabrication partner, Hirschfeld Steel Group LP, San Angelo, Texas, parceled out its work to their three plants in Texas. [...]

BYU-Idaho Auditorium

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BYU-Idaho Auditorium Modern Steel Construction, April 2009 "Drop It In" "SME Steel Contractors’ field manager, Mark Mundy, held his breath and watched as the two cranes lifted the giant truss at a twisted angle above the roof line. Project ironworkers gently guided the 260-foot truss into alignment, as the cranes lowered it into place [...]

Las Vegas Springs Preserve Visitor Center

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Las Vegas Springs Preserve Visitor Center Modern Steel Construction, August 2008 "Getting Back to Nature…In Las Vegas" "The Center’s structures consist of a 53,000-sq.-ft exhibit building, a 24,500-sq.-ft retail/restaurant building, and a 560-sq.-ft restroom building. Shade structures, with a total area of approximately 20,000 sq. ft, surround various portions of the buildings, controlling solar [...]

World Market Center III

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World Market Center III Modern Steel Construction, August 2008 "Good Seats" "The project is notable as the first in Las Vegas to use BRBFs. Furthermore, according to CoreBrace, who provided the buckling-restrained braces, this is the largest U.S. structure to date to be constructed with a BRBF system; almost 600 braces were used in [...]

Spruced-up Salt Lake cemetery pays homage to veterans

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Spruced-up Salt Lake cemetery pays homage to veterans Deseret, May 31, 2008 "Nearly seven months after work was completed to refurbish the veterans section of the Salt Lake City Cemetery, the section was rededicated Friday as a Memorial Day tribute to veterans." Read Full Article

Peter O. Kohler Pavilion, OSHU

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Peter O. Kohler Pavilion, Oregon Health and Science University Modern Steel Construction, September 2007 "Above the Rest" "Structural steel was further used in one of two seismic systems present in the building. As an essential facility designed to sustain minimal damage and remain operational after a major earthquake, the engineering team designed multiple systems [...]

Intermountain Medical Center

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Intermountain Medical Center Modern Steel Construction, September 2005 "Technology Triumphs" "The high strength-to-weight ratio of structural steel made it ideal for seismic design by limiting building mass. Buckling restrained braced frames (BRBFs) and eccentrically braced frames were considered as potential seismic force resisting systems for this project because of their ability to absorb seismic [...]

Caesar’s Colosseum

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Caesar's Colosseum Modern Steel Construction, October 2003 "Steel Wins Big" "The Colosseum had a demanding schedule, 10 months from the start of design until topping out. During the bid process, the owner required the bid to include a design team from the fabricator/erector. SME Steel was selected as the steel fabricator, and provided more [...]

Salt Palace Convention Center

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Salt Palace Convention Center Modern Steel Construction, June 1997 "Innovative Design and Excellence in Architecture with Steel" Regional Winner "The use of exposed steel continues throughout the public circulation areas. Most dramatic is the use of “banana” trusses in the grand concourse to create an exciting and unforgettable 600’-long ceiling…Similarly, the main lobby features [...]