Health and Safety

It is the objective of SME Industries to be an industry leader and to achieve continuous improvement in health and safety performance.

  • SME Steel will conduct its businesses in a manner, which is protective of the health and safety of its employees, the communities surrounding its facilities, the general public and its customers.
  • Health and safety must be integrated into all activities on an ongoing basis to attain industry leadership.

The following points shall be our guide in conducting our daily business:

Nothing is more important than Health and Safety…
… Not Production, Not Sales, Not Profit.
All injuries, work-induced illnesses, and adverse events are preventable…
…they are not inevitable.
Health and Safety is a management responsibility…
…and it can be managed as successfully as our business.
Health and Safety is an individual responsibility…
… and a condition of employment.
Every task must be performed with a concern for Health and Safety
…design and operation, sale, use, and final disposition of our steel products.
Commitment to Health and Safety is a commitment to do things right.
This results in an accident-free workplace, good employee production, and the optimization of all activities.